6 Week Body Makeover

One of my favorite infomercials is the “6 Week Body Makeover”. This motivating program is a great motivator for many of us who have just a few pounds to lose or even for those who have a long way to

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Taken from the Your New Sexy Body blog at https://yournewsexybody.com

I'm not a marriage counselor or any variety of relationship expert. I call myself a specialist , nevertheless, since I recognize what it takes to save marriages after going through tough times myself and shortly after my own marriage was pretty much destroyed by marriage counseling. I was able to turn things around in my own marriage and I would like to show you the methods that worked for me so you can save your marriage as well.

You see that image of me and the children at the top of the page? Those 2, greater than anything else, made me need to save my marriage to Allison. I'm confident a number of you are in the exact same position. You do precisely what you can so those kids don't need to encounter a busted home or a home of yelling and fighting. My wife took that photo 8 years ago. I have a laugh on my face but my loving relationship was disintegrating and I was up against it to save my marriage. Essentially, I wasn't despairing, I was mad and resentful and baffled and I was nearly ready to throw in the towel after five yrs of marriage to Allison. I was all set to consider splitting up our home and shattering the lives of my three year old child and my two year old son. I went through the motions of stating "I Love You" to Allison, but with all the altercations we had I wasn't actually sure I felt it anymore.